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Rutkai Robert
aus 1115. Budapest Etele u. 36/b Hungary schrieb am 4.Januar 2015 um 15:49 Uhr: 
  Hi RDS! I have a wierd question. Would it be possible to get the guitar TABfor the song Dreaming of.... I was 33 when i started play on a guitar, so i will never be so good at it, but it would give me a great pleasure if i could play that song. Thank you for your time. All the best

aus csac schrieb am 7.Juli 2014 um 13:23 Uhr: 

Just wanted to leave you a message, THANK YOU!

Your music inspires me, helps me to get through it all, night, day, work, leisure, happiness, sadness, like a never ending beautiful wonderful sunset, love it.

Warmest regards,

keep inspiring us!


aus Ray schrieb am 10.August 2013 um 01:41 Uhr: 
  Hey guys,
Love the music, It goes everywhere with me. Whether I'm in my convertible or my Lexus, I plug in my iPhone and jam to you guys everyday!!! Thank you for making great music.
-Alfred Ray IV from california.

Blue van Meer
aus Bern schrieb am 9.Dezember 2012 um 21:38 Uhr: 
Ich möchte gern eure Meinung
auf meine Musik haben.

Ich bewundere was sir machen :)

aus Warsaw schrieb am 24.März 2012 um 10:33 Uhr: 
  You are my peace, dream and inspiration. Thank you :** image

aus Buenos Aires schrieb am 1.Mai 2011 um 21:40 Uhr: 
  Ciao Foens
Hocke grad in buenos aires, voll verkatert vom letsfchte abig...total schoen euii musik choene z lose..dut grad guet fuer t sell..me schriebt sich!

aus mix schrieb am 25.Januar 2011 um 11:09 Uhr: 
  love you guy`s....

aus RLP schrieb am 2.Dezember 2010 um 14:25 Uhr: 
ICQ Nummer: 286624409
  Best chillout ever

aus Ukraine ZP schrieb am 22.Oktober 2010 um 20:25 Uhr: 
  Thanks you for your creativity!!! Touches to depth of soul!!! Especially thanks for a composition - Always Mine

aus Heino- Netherlands schrieb am 19.April 2010 um 13:50 Uhr: 
  The music from "MANUSH", in wich country can I locate it< I thought it is Turkey but can you tell me?

Many thanks.


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